About Rivka'S

Rivka'S designs and develops certified visibility coats as owned brand both as for other business partners. The origin stems from the desire of founder and designer Rivka Piekhaar to dress women more stylish where the rugged (or sometimes even rude) men’s visibility coats are still the norm for women. The iconic "Marylin" was initially designed for Pro-Rail en is the first model in the Rivka's series. Secondly the women's coat for Rijkswaterstaat was designed. This very feminine model is less outspoken than Marylin because its funcionality is targeted for representative women who also want to roll up their sleeves. This new model will be available soon. But what about the men? The ones that will be next to these women need not be deprived of a stylish coat. For them we have developed models "George" and "Bruce".

Your business is highly demanding and in your position you need to be brightly visible. In the mean time Rivka´S coats will help you to convey your executive message. All jackets are comfortably lined and equipped with two sturdy pockets on the outside and a handy zipper pocket on the inside. Our coats are vailable in yellow and orange. They all are Certified EN 471

We believe that a better world can be achieved by bold and innovative ideas. This can help create products that are less- or non-destructive for our planet. We therefore strive to use recyclable fabrics in our coats. Our fabric partner Inspire helps us achieve this goal with a fabric that is BlueSign certified, comfortably soft, breathing, water repellent and completely recyclable in the spirit of Cradle2Cradle. The planet highly appreciates it if you choose this available option!